August 4,2020

Michael Magallanes

Founder and Executive Chef, Opulent Chef

Executive Chef/Founder of Opulent Chef, a high end private chef company focused on providing luxury experiences to its clients. I have been passionate about food and cooking since I was a teenager. I attended SDSU majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. After school I left for South America, where I travelled and cooked for one year and a half. Upon my return, I moved to San Francisco to pursue my dream of cooking professionally. I trained for 12 years at various restaurants, and for the last 5 years of my training, I was a chef for Mourad Lahlou; first at Michelin starred Aziza, then for the opening of Michelin starred Mourad. Pushed by my entrepreneurial spirit, I created Opulent Chef to showcase my artful creations to the public.


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